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Web Development lifecycle of our company has kind of the same approach of software development lifecycle. The process is the one as determined and followed by many companies for a long time. What differentiates it is inculcating our own work style and customised approach of our team of developers.

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  • Information Gathering : The process begins with gathering information from the clients. Our team of developers have a one on one chat with the clients and try to understand every aspect of the project that the client is foreseeing. Business analysis, industry analysis, and client’s customers everything is taken into consideration.

  • Planning and creating wireframe : Based on the information gathered the team sits down and draw the course of action as to how to work out the project. Sitemaps and wireframes are created to have a self-idea of how to design and develop the project as well as to convey the same to the client. Sitemaps and wireframes based discussions are also conducted so that if any changes is required then it can done then and there.

  • Design : Using the sitemap and wireframes as a base, design phase is started. The visual layout of the entire website is created along with content placement. Post this before the development phase client feedback is taken in order to understand if they are satisfied with how the design has been done. If any changes are requested then it is immediately made before forwarding it to the development team.

  • Development : Post client approval on design the development team start working on the functionalities. They are the ones who are responsible to put life into the design and make the website a full functional website. They are the ones who work with backend coding which is necessary to bring the website to work properly.

  • Testing : Once the project has been developed it goes under testing phase. Where the complete project is tested to check if any issues are there. If any errors are detected then the testing team reports back to the respective teams who will be rectifying the errors. Once the bugs are resolved it again goes for client approval.

  • Client Approval and Go live : Before making the project live the team sends out the project for taking approval, if the client is completely satisfied with what have been developed then only the project goes live.

  • Maintenance and support : Post live of project our team of developers suggest the client to get customer feedback regarding every aspect of website functionality. This gives a clearer idea whether everything was designed and developed perfectly. If feedback arrives to make some changes then the company offers support to the client in making those changes.

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