Process of UX Design


For UX Design to happen it is important to understand what the company is about and who its users are. Before being able to beautifully present a UX Design it is imperative to understand the user and their problems. Identify what the company values are, and what the user problems are going to be.


Once the company values and user problems are identified, conduct research in order to find all possible solutions. Conduct an in depth research about your user, to avoid leaving out the smallest of the details. Restricting user research is one of the biggest mistake that a UX Designer could think of making.


Based upon the understanding and research, design team comes up with a design prototype. This design prototype is then sent to the client to get their opinion. Self-analysis and analysing client opinions leads to creating the perfect layout.


Based on the layout finalised actual design works starts. Integrating user experience features along with the design is part of this step. Also another part is to pass on the completed design to the development team.


Development team along with the help of the design team works on the final functional implementation. Features that require back end functionality is taken care of.


Once the UX Design is completely ready it undergoes final testing. The entire project is evaluated on the basis of standards that were set before beginning the design process.

UI Design

UI Designers main goal is to design a user interface for software applications or websites that ties the design aesthetics with usability. UI and UX are interdependent and cannot work without each other. With UI designs the focus lies in creating appealing design interfaces which would work out easily for the users.

Bottom Line of User Interface Design is
  • To have invisible easy interactions
  • Attract the user towards the integral features
  • The Provide clarity in terms of navigation
  • Apt usage of design patterns
  • Provide clarity in terms of goals
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Wireframes for website is same as blueprints for an architect. One thing to be remembered that is wireframes don’t disturb the colour pallets that have chosen for your website. It doesn’t describes the intricate visual aesthetics like the colour or content but solely works upon creating a layout.

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Our Designers Create Wireframes that will help you in
  • Getting basic idea about how the whole website designing process will proceed
  • Understanding the placement of the main features like menu bar, service pages, header and footer section and the rest of the framework
  • Understanding navigation process within the web pages
  • Identifying possible issues that user might face
  • Determine the website usability
How We Create a Wireframe?
  • Procure Wire framing Tools
  • Analyse Target Audience
  • Create User Flow
  • Prepare your wireframe
  • Usability Test
  • Convert wireframe into prototype

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