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As one of the best mobile app development company in India we believe that certain set of features makes a mobile app complete and great in terms of functionality and usage. And these set of features needs to be given a lot of thought and worked patiently in order to derive great end results. We ensure that these features are designed and developed to with utmost perfectionism so that our clients wouldn’t be stuck with any kind of errors or functionality issues.

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Social Share

Our team of mobile app developers ensure that none of the application developed by them doesn’t miss out the social share feature. Reasons why our developers do so:

  • Social media platforms have become a thing right now
  • Anything or everything is shared on social media
  • The platform is used to personally share with friends and family
  • Social share features let the customers know that their opinion matters

Responsive Design

Responsive design is not just restricted to websites. The way websites should be accessible to all sizes of devices same need belongs to mobile applications as well. Size of mobile devices varies as well and keeping this in mind our mobile app developers develop applications with responsive designs.

Best web development company
Best web development company


Notification feature is more of exclusive to mobile devices and for the same reason it is one of the important features that any mobile application should have. In the initial phase of idea discussion with the client the team comes with an idea to how push notifications are to be implemented. We at Snowfinch follow this rule of thinking as a customer to understand and execute things that the customers would love.

  • Mobile users look forward for app notifications
  • It informs them about offers or reminders
  • Requirements depends upon what the app is and how it functions

Search Option

Mobile apps designed by us has an emphasis on placing the search button appropriately and giving filter options in case of retail outlet apps. Reasons why this is done is:

  • Process of looking out for a specific thing becomes easy for the customers
  • Consumers always love to search things on their own
  • Saves customers time in searching products from a list of multiple products
Best web development company

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